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about us
About our founder

Once the passionate past time of tumbalina founder and designer Oak Atkinson, these precious, personal greeting cards have grown into a business of their own accord. Oak, who grew up in the tiny town of Masaka, in Uganda, where there are no gift shops has been making collage cards as gifts since childhood.

After graduating from Colgate University, getting an MBA, years and years of corporate marketing and advertising jobs at companies like J.Crew, Avon, and Gannett, she found her true calling in making people smile through the personal touch of cards.

How the name "tumbalina" came about

So many people have been curious about this—why "tumbalina?" Well, the name comes from a pet name that our founder's boyfriend (now her husband) gave her when they were 16. The name was an appropriate fit since it was a token of affection, very much like the cards that we create at tumbalina.

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